last week i lost my beautiful little puppy. I’m not sure he felt worse about him dying me or my boyfriend who accidently ran over him. i picked him up when i thought he was dead (less then 5 minutes after it happened) and he gasped for breath and i could feel his heart beating strong. i knew he was very badly hurt and that was as good as dead but a little spark of hope rose at that moment. i put him in my car and tried calling the vet as i was leaving with no answer so i rang fellow consultant and dog lover libby stephens and she kept calling until she got them on the phone. 30minutes later i pulled into the vets and opened the back of the car (i have a 4WD) he looked at me with out moving anything but his eye and wagged his tail at me.  i gently carried him in the box i’d put him in and took him into the vet. both me and the vet very gently got him out of the box but he cried so i knew he was hurt with possibly broken bones. the vet did her best at being gentle on examining him but we soon discovered he only had head injuries. The vet siad the main thing with head injuries was time and she decided to put him in a cage in the back until the head vet got in to check on him. I had a feeling it was the last time i would ever see him even though that spark of hope was still there and i wished to see him alive and well and greeting me in the morning when i came back. by the time i’d driven the 30minutes back home i ran inside to the ringing phone. it was the head vet. he said that he felt linc was in alot of pain and i agreed the best thing was to put him down.

i dug his grave that night and we buried him the next morning. i have since planted and aussie native on his grave called a chocolate soldier but i have found i wanted to do something special for me. so yesterday i got scrapping and here’s what i came up with.

so in memory of you my beauitful little puppy, i love you and miss you and am hoping you a playing over rainbow bridge. I promise to look after your little sister as best i can and we will both keep each other company until we see you again.